Dine at our Dream Café & Lounge located adjacent to Dunes Inn Sunset

The Dunes Inn Sunset offers versatile fine dining and live entertainment to its guests at the Dream Café & Lounge adjacent to the hotel. The menu covers breakfast, lunch and dinner through various entrees. You can also order room service from the restaurant by dialing #145 for food and #142 for the bar with an extra $2 charge. Ice is available near the front lobby. Our staff takes care to be warm and friendly to make your experience enjoyable.

Dunes Inn LA on Sunset – Restaurant

Dreams Café

At the Dreams Café, you can wake up to the scent of hot coffee and a hearty brunch. Choose from 10 different omelettes, toast and pastries, pancakes, french toast and various egg and meat combinations. If you’re craving more of a lunch dish, you can choose from classic hamburgers and sandwiches with a Mexican flair. Or, after a long day trekking through the sights of Los Angeles, you may be looking for supper to replenish your energy. Steaks, kebabs, seafood, salad and soup options are available. You can also order Mexican specialties such as fajitas, tacos and burritos or spaghetti, baked lasagna or our daily special for an exotic dish. For dessert, you can feast upon various puddings, brownies, ice cream and cake.

Dunes Inn LA on Sunset – Bar

Bar & Lounge

Venture into the back of the café to visit our bar and lounge. Its decor that will bring you back to the times of retro Hollywood diners with its leather seats and vintage beer signs. You can relax and watch the game on our large TV screen with your favorite beer, or hold a business mixer with cocktails for important clients. The lounge can seat up to 40 people and some nights have live performances. Check out the comedy show’s Facebook page and our interactive blog.

Dreams Café & Lounge

5625 West Sunset Blvd.,

Hollywood, CA  90028


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7am – 10pm

Saturday-Sunday: TBA or Varies

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